Red Hat EX200 Recap

Table of Contents

I’m an RHCSA as of August 17th, and I figured I’d jot down a few notes about my preparation, successes, and failures.


My materials to prepare for this exam:

  • CBT Nuggets System Administrator Prep videos

  • Michael Jang’s RCHSA/RHCE 7 book

  • Some free online practice exams

  • 3x micro PCs for hypervisors

The CBT Nuggets video series was rudimentary, but it has one of the better intros into SELinux that I’ve seen.

The Michael Jang book was a little rough around the edges, but I highly recommend it. The only thing I would have done differently is take VM snapshots at the beginning of each chapter so I could do the examples in the chapter, roll back changes, and then do the labs (which overlap some with chapter examples).

Jang’s practice exams are good, and I found a couple text-only practice exams, as well as a VMware image.

In addition to working through Jang’s examples, I’ve been working on setting up a pseudo-enterprise environment in my home lab. This helped with some of the exam objectives, since I better understood the whole process.

Exam Notes

  1. Michael Jang’s coverage of the objectives was very good.

  2. I interpreted the objectives slightly differently, and my failure to review something that would have taken 15 minutes bit me.

  3. I overthought one objective, and inferred something the question didn’t say. Read the question multiple times, and don’t infer anything.

  4. I lost a few points because I got hung up on one final config before I went through and double-checked everything.

  5. Everything I took seriously and (re-)review from the Jang books, I nailed.

Final Thoughts

All in all, I’m happy with my performance, and the exam was very good and matches its description fairly well.